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Why EA Can Kiss My Moley ASS

Mmmm, Moley Ass…. that didn’t sound that good in retrospect but oh well, you all can deal with it. By you all I mean the two or three readers that may read this ;p Anyway, I digress, let’s get into this article – the first in a long while. I’m sure your sad, yea…. I’m really sure.

Why can EA kiss my ass? Well that’s simple; because of their demon-spy-spawn known as Origin. I’m actually not sure what bothers me more: 1) That EA is trying to pry into the computers of their customers or 2) People are actually bending over and taking it because they want games that bad. No offense to my friends who are moaning from currently being probed and dissected from the inside out.

There has been a lot of talk in regard to EA’s Origin and their privacy policies (or lack there of). There was the initial explosion and then EA’s PR response (which worked) and then a second look that came out with the truth.

I, and I was one of the few of my gaming friends that actually stuck with the decision, boycotted MW2 because of the crap Activision pulled with the port to PC and removal of dedicated servers. That, to me, is minuscule compared to this pathetic display of arrogance and ass raping.

Now, before anyone comments saying that EA changed their Origin EULA in response to the outcry, I direct you to the following link: http://www.lanknights.net/topic/5950-origin-privacy-concerns/

I will explain this link in summary: EA changed Origin EULA to be softer and look better to the public eye. But then they made sure a disclaimer was in there. This disclaimer, which I had missed and as such almost fell for EA’s PR move, basically states that the Origin EULA is subject to EA’s overall EULA and that any time the Origin EULA conflicts with the overall EA EULA the EA EULA wins out. Well, when digging into the EA EULA there is very similar if not almost identical wording as what set everyone off about the Origin EULA to begin with. So in short? We are still dealing with the same shit. Fuck Origin and Fuck EA.

I will not buy Star Wars The Old Republic because of Origin, I’ll be transferring my Mass Effect saved content from PC to my Xbox 360 for Mass Effect 3 (and I’ll probably buy a used copy to ensure EA doesn’t receive the money directly) and I refuse to go near any of the new FPS shooters from them. I have also removed all EA mobile games from my iOS devices and won’t buy any for my Android, even the ones I enjoy the most. The only thing I feel comfortable doing is playing ME3 on my 360 (which is because I want to know the end of the story) and maybe playing other games from them since the 360 (they will be second hand though), for me anyway, is pretty much a gaming machine and nothing more. I will use Netflix from time to time but it isn’t my iPad, my first gen iPhone (turned touch) nor my computer that gives browsing information and whatever else EA may try to dig into.

These companies only care about money and whether you’re taking all of this in the ass out of arrogance or ignorance you are only supporting their leeching and soul stealing practices. It’s sad that they can get away with this just because people want a fucking game. Well you kids have fun, I’ll enjoy the show from the sideline like a one sided super bowl game where the losing team is your favorite (aka pissed the hell off and spitting at the monitor as I scream profanities).


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