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TuneUp Review

I have been thinking about this review for a few days now. Especially after the shout-out I got from TuneUp Media on Twitter last week. I like to make sure everyone is properly represented whether it is for better or worse. After hours of focusing my Mole Shui in an attempt to come up with a detailed review of TuneUp and attempt to break it down into little bits of digital goodness I have come to realize I can’t.

TuneUp is so simple and does such a specific job so well that I’ve been forced by TuneUp Media to give more of a testimonial than a review. Perhaps for once the Moledi Master was the one to underestimate the power of the cool side….. Ummm, yea, no. Anyway, TuneUp is an add-on to your itunes or windows media player that allows dragging and dropping of music files directly into its panel. Why would you do this you ask? Well because the instructions tell you too, and, well because once you do that it starts to “listen” to the music so that it can match the song with their database. Once this happens it updates the file on your computer with proper tags and song details. You even have an option to review the suggestions before they are applied or undo them if you get click happy.

In addition to the song tune up (get it??) option you can also use their album art import feature to do the same type of magical goodness as before (minus the drag and drop even!). Both literally worked flawlessly. Out of all my songs TuneUp only had trouble with four (mixes of originals) and three albums in regard to the artwork. I haven’t looked at their social and concert options yet but frankly the first two were enough to justify the price.

Great work TuneUp Media and thank you for a great product! Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find someone to choke out. Getting out smarted by a 2D guy with an antenna on his head is frustrating!!

Music On Android

I was recently surfing the UWW (Universe Wide Web for you beings of lesser nature) and came across an ad (yes the damned things went galactic) for a program/app combination called DoubleTwist and it got me thinking about my sick tunes. Needless to say I then spent two days chilling in my tin can of a spacecraft… I mean cruiser, cleaning up my mp3 collection with another program of cosmic goodness (more on TuneUp to come later).

My idea was to use DoubleTwist for what it was meant for (I know right? Inconceivable!) and transfer my collection and playlists onto my phone. They even have an Android (and many other platforms) app that works with its PC/Mac brethren. So I imported all my music into the Windows DoubleTwist program and let it do its thing for a while. The import was painless though album art and some strange display issues with songs and albums were kind of annoying. Either way it does what it says it is suppose to do.

I had downloaded the DoubleTwist Android app a few days before working on my music and had uninstall it because it broke my Bluetooth headset controls on my current music player MixZing (a review on MixZing later). I was rather annoyed so I choked the sucker out too. Anyway I was about to install it again after telling itunes to sort my collection into folders and I started thinking (creepy huh?). Why did I need to do all of this? I hardly use playlists, I love Pandora’s suggestion feature, all my music has always been organized by folders anyway and I just bought MixZing which sedates my never ending need for music suggestion goodness.

So while still deep in my meditative state I came to realize that because I could drag and drop my music right onto my Droid Incredible like a usb drive I could incredibly (like how I did that?) nix my reliance on syncing technology and itunes/doubletwist. So why didn’t I do this before? Well because the iPhone requires itunes and can’t be treated as a usb drive without it being jail broken. So in essence because “I wasn’t allowed to” because the Apple people deemed such so. Regardless I can now though and I’m not going back! Nope! Can’t make me!

Even if you don’t have your music organized by folders it can be done in a few easy steps (tutorial on its way). So long as you have access to the phone’s hard drive or SD card and have a music player you can do this. Well and mp3s versus DRM protected music. Well I just sent out an order droid to go fetch a 32 gb micro SD card. Once I get that I’ll be copying and pasting my entire collection of cosmic sick tunes.