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The Droid Incredible

Well now that I have given you the background story (you know you liked it) and I have confirmed there are no galactic traffic jams using the Maps Navigation system on my Droid Incredible I’m going to sit back and focus my Mole Shui so that I can gloat about this little beauty. Oh hold on, need to crank up Pandora so I can get my jam on while writing this report. Mmm, one more second, let me float my Bluetooth headset over here in case anyone calls and so I can keep from going mole on any cables (I did that last time and let me tell you it wasn’t pretty. Wired headphones are no joke and will mess you up. Almost choked my reflective ass out) .

Ok, let’s get this party started. I’m going to be very direct here; the Droid Incredible is amazing but not perfect. No matter how I cut it though it is definitely an upgrade from my 1st Gen iPhone (may the cosmic force see it safely through eternity). You are probably thinking something to the effect of “wow ace, what a concept, a current phone being better than its 3 year old counter part. Well when it comes to hardware you would be right, though I still say screw you for being so rude! Performance aside though Google’s Android mobile operating system is truly a breath of fresh air and is made even more so by HTC’s Sense UI. The widgets, folders, multiple themes and freedom is simply divine after being in lock down for 3 years.

I will say that while the iPhone OS from Apple is still more polished and is definitely cleaner I can give up some ascetics for greater functionality. When I was initially comparing the Incredible to the iPhone (and I still am mind you) I was finding myself longing for the single button world of my past. However after quickly accustoming myself to Androids’ navigation ideals and also started playing with the widgets… would that make my widgets…. you know…. midgets? Because they are my widgets and I’m a mole! Get it!? -cough- Anyway, the widgets seduced me and did digital things to me that well, that I can’t write here. They are such a simple concept and yet they make navigating and handling the functionality of the phone so much faster and easier.

Another major difference and benefit of Apple is the because of their control the integration between all of the applications and the phone are certainly more reliable. I do find myself getting a bit confused (I won’t admit to it though! Oh wait..) and sometimes frustrated when I go to “Share” an article or video to either Twitter or Facebook and have to jump through several web based hoops because my installed app Twitter/FB app doesn’t get along with the app in which I’m sharing the internet goodness. There are other scenarios as well but you get the idea. It isn’t a deal breaker by any means. In fact, as many have mentioned, the only real deal breaker may be the battery, however, not for me.  I was already use to the 1st Generation IPhone’s battery so the Droid Incredible’s lifespan is just a continuation of the past (one of the few things I still have to put up with).

All in all the Droid Incredible and Android, for now and for a long time to come respectively, are the future for this Moledi Master of the Mole Shui. While Android still has a way to go they are moving ahead at the speed of light and for some reason the headaches involved are even enjoyable to some degree. Even though HTC and Verizon, to some extent, try to exert some control over the Android platform and the Droid Incredible it still feels like my phone. I didn’t feel that way after a while with my IPhone, if felt like I was leasing it and simply paying for the ability to keep it in my pocket. The fact that I feel the Droid Incredible is mine and that I’m limited only by its functionality and not by the whims of an individual or company policy is truly, for a lack of a better term, mind blowing.

Everything that I have wanted to do on the phone I have been able to do so without rooting/jail breaking it. Again, the only limitations I have found is functionality or that an app doesn’t exist. I was patient enough to wait for the Droid Incredible. I had almost bought the Eris but it wasn’t powerful enough and was lacking in some other areas. My patience paid off and as such my patience will pay off when waiting for functionality and apps. Until then though, I will be enjoying my Droid Incredible.

Google and Apple: An Internet Tragedy

Phew, glad that’s over. Playing avoid the big bad space rocks game takes on a whole new dimension when you are using your own ship. Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, I was about to take over your world! No.. wait.. that wasn’t it, not yet anyway. Oh, my new gadget, the Droid Incredible. In fact since some of my electronics are still fried I’m actually transcribing this communication on my Droid Incredible by way of the Android WordPress module. Fascinating isn’t it? I’m also picking up some killer space jams with the great Pandora and my single, yet powerful speaker. I told you I was getting out of there in a hurry, I picked the closest ship!

I suppose I should give you some background information prior to going right into the details of the Droid Incredible. So yes, I came across the Cellular galaxy where the Google race and Apple people lived in a mutual coexistence against the evil but failing Microsoft Empire. Families were able to span both civilizations with little effort or concern. Their great leaders battling side by side in the vast battlefields of Streets of Walls, defending their peoples’ freedoms from the monopoly armies of the Empire. I noticed that the Google race were more of a support and intelligence gathering force for the Apple people and their equipment. It certainly created a formidable front against the empire. It was the technology of the Apple people that made my decision for me and when I first landed it was to mingle with them.

For over two years I lived with the iPhone people and their technologies. I even ended up acquiring some for myself. Though I obtained a Capsule that allows me to store and transmit information throughout time and space it was through Apple people’s iPhone that I really obtained some measure of inner peace.

(1st Generation iPhone – Coming Soon)

However, as the story always goes, all good must come to an end. It seems as the threat from the empire dwindled resources could be spared for other endeavors. While the Apple people focused on refining and advancing their current technologies the Google race branched into new fields such as equipment and technology of their own. Soon the two began to step on each others toes, much to the delight of the Microsoft Empire.

It’s really hard to say who fired first. Was it the Google race for evolving and subsequently encroaching on the Apple people’s turf? Or was it the Apple people when they took a defensive yet hostile stance to what was perceived as encroachment? Regardless, the war of words, direct attacks and even the proxy war that began between the two and their various alliances were all soon in full force.

It was a mighty battle pitting extreme intellect and strategy against overwhelming numbers and multiple alliances. Where the Apple people preferred to be self reliant and in control themselves the Google race took a more open front and began the assault on multiple levels. Soon, due to the help of their alliances, the Google race began to produce technology and equipment of their own. While many still remain in research and development the Android Phones were put into mass production.

When compared to the IPhone the early Android phones were very primitive but they were functional. What they lacked in refinement and form factor they made up for with options and freedom of choice. It seems that the more the Google race championed freedom the more the Apple people began to crack down on it. What was once seen as acceptable controls to ensure quality was quickly becoming a situation of censorship and oppression. While many were very content in letting the leaders of Apple do this some revolted and joined the Google race under the great Jobs Migration banner. It was during the last several “Flash Points” that the Apple people went beyond reasoning and which caused me to leave for the Google race myself.

I still have my IPhone and shall keep it safe as a testament to the great innovation and brilliance of the Apple people’s ground breaking invention. However, my conversion to the Google race has been more than eye opening. It has been enlightening to say the very least. I waited for many models to be built and tested before I chose one; the Droid Incredible.

Coming Soon

I’m still wandering the cosmos after The Moleverse imploded. Until I rebuild my empire and take over a new planet you will have to deal with these barebone accommodations. My ship is about to enter an asteroid field so I need to focus my powers on the task at hand. Once I’m out I’ll update you on my latest gadget; the Droid Incredible