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Will Not Buy PC Version of Assassin’s Creed

After reading the fact that Spooner has the PC versions of AC, AC2 and AC Brotherhood I got to thinking it may be something to look into as I haven’t unpacked my 360 since I moved. I do have a sweet Alienware M11x though so it seemed to be a good solution.

I, however, went to Amazon.com today and came across a very scary fact about Ubisoft’s PC ports for the Assassin Creed games; the DRM.

Now, while I think DRM is a nuisance to the general public I respect that companies need to protect their investments. There is just some DRM that is so ridiculous it borderlines on thieving. The type of DRM that Ubisoft chose for its AC PC ports unfortunately happens to be one of those types.

To even play the campaign mode, you need a constant connection to the internet. Why? Because when you start the game it connects to Ubisoft servers in order to authenticate the game and allow you to play the campaign mode. I’m sorry, anything that installs itself on my machine or requires me to have a connection to the internet so it can authenticate me every time I just want to play the offline campaign mode is boycotted by me.

I refused to buy Modern Warfare 2 because of Activision’s nickel and dime decision to not allow dedicated servers for multi-player game play and compared to Ubisoft’s decision that wasn’t so bad (though equally as evil).