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Rotten Apples vs Shiny Androids

I won’t spend too much time on this. There are countless Apple vs Android articles out there and there will be countless more added in time (obviously). iPhones, iPods and iPads are, as electronics, stellar and good products. They provide an excellent experience for a particular type of people. Android products, which at this time are mainly phones and tablets (with a few MP3 players mixed in) are usually stellar and good products, depending on who makes them, and offer an excellent experience as well, again depending on who makes them and your preference as far as interfaces go. Continue reading


Targus Bluetooth Keyboard for the IPad 1 & 2

This was given to me as a gift from Starkitty (Because she is epic like that! Thank you again for an awesome gift!) and I have to admit this is one of the coolest gifts I have ever received.


With the designated shortcuts specific to the IPad 1 and 2 controls the keyboard provides the physical sensation, that at least I need, to write long posts in a very quick manner. Don’t get me wrong, the virtual keyboard of iOS is easy to use and great for quick writing. For longer posts or documents though I prefer the physical keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Picture Frame Mode
Virtual Keyboard
Previous Track
Next Track
Lower Volume
Increase Volume

It also supports highlighting text (translates to the iOS actions) and tab navigation (though some applications respond differently and not as expected).

It also has all the base keys to work with an Apple computer though I don’t have one of those to test to be certain. It would be interesting to see how it works with the new Lion OS.

The only complaint I have is that the spacebar is weak on the right hand side which is a shame because my right thumb is assigned the diligent duty of raiding and pillaging said spacebar on a constant basis. His reports have been upsetting to say the least but it isn’t know if this issue is product wide or just specific to my particular keyboard. It lists that it works with the IPad 1 and I see no reason why it wouldn’t unless the bluetooth hardware is different but I can’t be certain as I don’t have the original IPad.

Otherwise, I just wrote this post in a few minutes with said Targus Bluetooth Keyboard in just a few minutes.

Google and Apple: An Internet Tragedy

Phew, glad that’s over. Playing avoid the big bad space rocks game takes on a whole new dimension when you are using your own ship. Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, I was about to take over your world! No.. wait.. that wasn’t it, not yet anyway. Oh, my new gadget, the Droid Incredible. In fact since some of my electronics are still fried I’m actually transcribing this communication on my Droid Incredible by way of the Android WordPress module. Fascinating isn’t it? I’m also picking up some killer space jams with the great Pandora and my single, yet powerful speaker. I told you I was getting out of there in a hurry, I picked the closest ship!

I suppose I should give you some background information prior to going right into the details of the Droid Incredible. So yes, I came across the Cellular galaxy where the Google race and Apple people lived in a mutual coexistence against the evil but failing Microsoft Empire. Families were able to span both civilizations with little effort or concern. Their great leaders battling side by side in the vast battlefields of Streets of Walls, defending their peoples’ freedoms from the monopoly armies of the Empire. I noticed that the Google race were more of a support and intelligence gathering force for the Apple people and their equipment. It certainly created a formidable front against the empire. It was the technology of the Apple people that made my decision for me and when I first landed it was to mingle with them.

For over two years I lived with the iPhone people and their technologies. I even ended up acquiring some for myself. Though I obtained a Capsule that allows me to store and transmit information throughout time and space it was through Apple people’s iPhone that I really obtained some measure of inner peace.

(1st Generation iPhone – Coming Soon)

However, as the story always goes, all good must come to an end. It seems as the threat from the empire dwindled resources could be spared for other endeavors. While the Apple people focused on refining and advancing their current technologies the Google race branched into new fields such as equipment and technology of their own. Soon the two began to step on each others toes, much to the delight of the Microsoft Empire.

It’s really hard to say who fired first. Was it the Google race for evolving and subsequently encroaching on the Apple people’s turf? Or was it the Apple people when they took a defensive yet hostile stance to what was perceived as encroachment? Regardless, the war of words, direct attacks and even the proxy war that began between the two and their various alliances were all soon in full force.

It was a mighty battle pitting extreme intellect and strategy against overwhelming numbers and multiple alliances. Where the Apple people preferred to be self reliant and in control themselves the Google race took a more open front and began the assault on multiple levels. Soon, due to the help of their alliances, the Google race began to produce technology and equipment of their own. While many still remain in research and development the Android Phones were put into mass production.

When compared to the IPhone the early Android phones were very primitive but they were functional. What they lacked in refinement and form factor they made up for with options and freedom of choice. It seems that the more the Google race championed freedom the more the Apple people began to crack down on it. What was once seen as acceptable controls to ensure quality was quickly becoming a situation of censorship and oppression. While many were very content in letting the leaders of Apple do this some revolted and joined the Google race under the great Jobs Migration banner. It was during the last several “Flash Points” that the Apple people went beyond reasoning and which caused me to leave for the Google race myself.

I still have my IPhone and shall keep it safe as a testament to the great innovation and brilliance of the Apple people’s ground breaking invention. However, my conversion to the Google race has been more than eye opening. It has been enlightening to say the very least. I waited for many models to be built and tested before I chose one; the Droid Incredible.