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Well after many brainstorming sessions with me, myself and I (aka Darth Mole, Mole Shui and The Mole Father) I have come to the decision to finally make a real effort at writing the first book in a series that I have been nurturing for years now. The name and other details I will leave unpublished while I work on the book itself however this I will say: It will be part of a series that will hopefully consist of at least 3 books with plans for it to be at least 6. I will probably use self publishing ebook means for distribution however if anyone out there is a publisher or knows one feel free to send me a comment ;)

I want to thank those that I have discussed this endeavor with over the years for their support, input and being sturdy walls to not only bounce but pound my ideas off of. For everyone else, wish me luck and if my posts on this site suffer (all three readers of you) I ask for your patience ;)

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