In case you were wondering, at all, this site is currently under construction. I would have left the old one up but I like this design better.

For the most part I use Twitter, however, I also have YouTube, Twitch, and PlaysTV accounts, though they aren't used that much. If I don't respond right away don't take it personally. While I use social media to post various and random things I don't monitor it 24/7 like some people. I do like conversation though and that is mostly why I post things online, to possibly start conversations and to also share things that I've experienced in case someone out there is interested. The social icons on this page will load the appropriate profile in a new browser tab.

When it comes to blogging and these types of sites I have, for the last 10 years or so, generally always used a self hosted WordPress site. Some of the reasons include, but aren't limited to, I like open source, I like learning how to administer different applications, and I like learning how to design and customize those very platforms. However, for this particular project I've decided to take a more laid back, maintenance free, and casual experience. As such I'll be using for the blog associated with this site; "400 Words or Less by Darth Mole." I will be blogging my opinions, reviews, ideas, etc., in 400 words or less for quick and easy reading.

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Yes I watch anime, no I'm not embarassed, and you should totally watch it to. To the right are links to the my Crunchyroll and My Anime List profiles for your viewing pleasures and curiousity. I'm constantly in a contest with @ironchefjobo in the amount of anime that can be watched. I swear he is cheating.

I consider myself part of the PC Master Race ;), though I do sometimes step down from the clouds and walk amongst the masses of console gamers. I mostly use Steam as my gaming hub, play some (Blizzard) games, and do have a Xbox 360 and PS 3 though I haven't signed on about a year give or take. The only reason the PS 3 is still hooked up to my one TV is because it plays Blurays. To the right are the links to my different gaming profiles.

This is a place holder for something I have in the works but I need to finish this rebranding first. The dust from said rebranding also has to settle and there is one other project I must complete first. I'm sure you will lose sleep from having to wait but I don't think it will be enough to kill you., 2016, All Rights Reserved